Feel the Music


There is no business like music business.. at least regarding the time and money that it has taken from me. Some could even say it's not a good deal at all. Nevertheless, music plays a very important role in my life. Composing new songs is my way of relaxing and putting those mixed feelings to notes and melodies. There just are some things that are cooler than other things in life - music is one of those cooler things that I can't live without.

Arto Lehtiniemi performing live at YO-talo 2012

I started playing an instrument 'officially' at the age of five with piano lessons. However, there is proof of much earlier talent with some instruments found from the old Super8 recordings ;) I have never been interested in playing some traditional piano songs from the standard Aaron-songbook and preferred playing more of my own melodies from early on. I composed my first songs already at the age of six. My parents quickly realized the creativity and encouraged me to compose and play even more of my own songs.

To be more expressive, the instruments kept on changing, first from piano to keyboards and finally to my first electric guitar at the age of 11. I instantly realized that I had found the most coolest instrument ever, although the first guitar that I had was a complete disaster i.e. Vester Stratocaster, which was horrible to play and was never in tune. I started taking guitar lessons at a bit older age in a private Guitar & Music clinique that really got me going to the right direction and I learned to express myself with my own personal style.

Now, decades later, I have had the chance to experiment many different kinds of musical genres from rock to dance music, be involved in a musical theater for quite some time, learn to play all the basic rock-related instruments, and still do a lot of composition work. On the way, I also got interested in recording and mixing music and I have still continued on that road whenever I have some extra time on my hands.

My enthusiams towards music and audio has resulted in a massive number of patents at work and I have been developing some of the most cutting edge spatial audio solutions to make the audio experience even better in the future.

During the years there have been numerous different band projects, some lasting longer than others. Therefore only some are listed on this page. Feel free to listen to the music from these projects. Please note that only personal, non-commercial use of these songs is allowed without a permission!