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So who am I then? My name is Arto Lehtiniemi and I was born in the great year of 1977. I spent my first three years in Valkeakoski and then we moved to Sääksjärvi. Sääksjärvi is located less than 10km from Tampere to the South. I lived most of my childhood there, until I moved to Kauhava for a year in 1996 to do an Entrepreneur degree.

I moved to Tampere during 1998 to start my studies in the Tampere University of Technology. I also started part-time work at the Nokia Research Center about the same time that I started my studies. Soon I realized that the student life in Hervanta was very active, and I moved to there to the legendary Mikontalo in 1999. I graduated as Master of Science from the Tampere University of Technology in 2003 and started working full time for Nokia already a year before. Later I also did my Doctor of Science degree with a dissertation topic of "Novel Music Discovery Concepts: User Experience and Design Implications" in the same university and graduated finally in late 2014. Now I live in Sääksjärvi again (since late 2004) with my wife and my three lovely daughters and I'm still employed by the same company, heading audio research and standardization.

You can find details about my professional background, patents and academic achievements from my LinkedIn profile

Outside work there are three most important things: family, music and travel. I try to balance between these three and still try to find some time do some sports e.g. golf, snowboarding and floorball.

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