Kelkka was a very long term band project that started in around mid 90s from just jamming with Aapo Kankaala and Lassi-Petri Peltoniemi. After a while, Karoliina Löytty joined us as a singer and No Station was founded singing rock in English. Later, she was replaced by Niko Salovaara and after couple of years the band changed the lyrics to Finnish language and the name to Kelkka. Later, Jussi Mattila gave his helping hand to the keyboard section and joined Kelkka. Kelkka was now complete and became a great band with lots of potential!

Kelkka live photo with Arto Lehtiniemi, Niko Salovaara, Lassi-Petri Peltoniemi, and Aapo Kankaala/></p>
The band was playing actively until 2002 and then Niko moved away from Tampere. Niko is currently living in Joensuu but there is a slight chance that Kelkka will play something again, some day :) Everyone seems to think that when the time is right, Kelkka will return. Kelkka plays melodic rock/pop. Also under the music link you can find old No Station live recordings from the years 1998-1999. 

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Music by Kelkka

Music from No Station