Pland (formerly also known as Arctic Sound) was founded in March 2005. I found some new cool guys to play with: Gareth, Timka, Joni and Joni. The bass player-Joni had to move to Helsinki after the first summer and he was replaced by my friend Samuli, who has been playing in many of my previous band projects too.

Pland promotional photo with Arto Lehtiniemi, Gareth Evans, Timka Sepp´┐Żnen, Samuli Jokinen, and Joni Andersson

Pland played original English pop/rock with attitude. The band has been inactive since 2008. It is a pitty, there was a lot of potential in this band! Check out our first album called "Things she said".


Things she said (2007)

First full length album called 'Things she said' was released in 03/2007

Pland album cover

1. Smile a lot, 2. I was stupid, 3. Take a risk, 4. Friend in you, 5. Dave, 6. Liars, 7. I talk to myself, 8. Thelma & Louis, 9. Impossible day, 10. Angry song, 11. Native Indian, 12. Elisabeth

Pland - Live at Pori/Club19 31.3.2006

Here is the live recording from Club19. The tracks were recorded directly from the mixing console and therefore the balance is quite bad (synth and vocals are way too loud) but you should be able to get an overall picture of our songs in a live situation. Note also the song "Summer girls" that is not on our studio album.

1. Friend in you (Live), 2. I was stupid (Live), 3. Long long day (Live), 4. Elisabeth (Live), 5. I talk to myself (Live), 6. Angry song (Live), 7. Summer girls (Live), 8. Liars (Live), 9. Take a risk (Live), 10. Thelma & Louis (Live), 11. Impossible day (Live), 12. Native Indian (Live)