Kaposet plays popular and traditional cover music. This band has a very long history. The band started already in the 90s with Samu Haapajoki, Manu, Haapajoki, Aapo Kankaala and Lassi-Petri Peltoniemi under a name of "Daddy's Teddybears". After a while, I replaced Manu in guitar and the name was changed to "Kaposen Gangsterit". Later, the name was shortened to be only Kaposet and the band has been known for a long time with that name. In the early 2000s Lassi "retired" and started to concentrate on his own band projects and was then replaced with Samuli Jokinen. Lassi still plays with us every now and then.

Kaposet live photo with Arto Lehtiniemi, Aapo Kankaala, Samuli Jokinen, and Samu Haapajoki

Besides jamming and playing for fun, we also do some gigs e.g. in weddings, company occations etc. Eventhough I have tried to concentrate in making and playing originals, it is fun to go out and play some covers for a change :)