Old home recordings


When I have spare time I do some compositions at home where I play all the instruments myself. This has been a hobby of mine since I got my first Fostex 4-track recorder around the age of 15.

Arto Lehtiniemi in 90s

Hundreds of song ideas have been developed during the years and some of the more newer ones even ended up in the net :) It's nice to try out some new ideas and make them to 'songs' just to see how they work. Later they can be produced with more time and better equipment if necessary. During the recent years I have mainly concentrated to play with my bands and I have been quite inactive in making songs all by myself. I still have the ambition to continue this happy when I have a bit more of free time. All the equipment is here just waiting for me :)

Don't mind the crappy sound quality in some of the songs, most of them are intentionally not polished.

Odottelen vaan

2002/2003. This is my first actual studio-test when practising drum micing etc. My friend Zorro did the lyrics on the fly :) A very mainstream song.. You can hear a great sound difference to the home made ones. Currently I am able to create even far more advanced sound.. Although now I spend a lot of time composing songs to our new rock/pop band and not concentrating to these fully self-made songs.


13.6.2002. An instrumental guitar-rally made for a introduction video on TTKK. Guitar riff with Gibson/Laney -combination and recorded with a vocal mike :) This is meant to be as a background track so it's a bit monotonic :)


20.5.2002. I wanted to do something different for a change and here is the result :) A bit Air-styled song.

Feeling alone

13.4.2002. This song is made for a document about loneliness (as a soundtrack). Acoustic instrumental with african drum :)
Featuring Lassi-Petri Peltoniemi in bassguitar.

BONUS! Sunnuntai-päivä!


Sunnuntai-päivä..Featuring Me,Milla,Johanna,Siina and Pekka. Idea here was to create a short song so that every one could play something in it :) A different way of spending your sunday-afternoon? This is recorded by just putting one mic in the room and there we go...

Syvää purppuraa

11.3.2002. A chill-out pop song with lyrics by Assi. I do also the vocals in this first version. I just had a feeling to do something like this... Drums still with SPD-20, my studio is not ready yet :)

Background Beat

2.3.2002. Very quicly done background beat that is made with JX-305 and added couple of guitar tracks. Nothing special and my problems with MOTU & VIA chipset combination can be heard here.. couple of clicks and pops. I want a P3/4 computer!

Ei lopeta vihaa

21.12.2001. Finally my christmas vacation and time to do some music! This is a bit harder pop/rock song with real drums. Lyrics by: Sade.

67 Seconds

14.06.2001. A slow Air-styled tune. This is very hard to describe.. maybe you should listen to it and make your own conclusions :)


16.04.2001. Very CMX styled song (3:51). Everything just doesn't always go like you have wanted.. and that feeling inspired me to compose this song - for a very special person. Lyrics are mainly from poems by Johanna.

Feeling Spring

This is the first song where I experimented MIDI features in cubase controlling my synths/drumpad with it's sequencer.
Anyway, the point in this song is the guitar melody which tries to represent something I feel about spring.

Plain Instrumental

22.10.2000. An instrumental song for a change. Rather long (6:17), suitable for background music at night.. Featuring some JX-305 sounds, acoustic guitar driven through PODPro (using distortion), couple of guitar solos player with my Ibanez & PODPro.

Keep it simple!

Very quicly made JX305 tune that sounds a bit like some old tracker-modules. I just made few different patterns and mix/transpose them to output a song. :)

Electric GrV

Little electric groove made with JX-305 + added some vocals.

Motion Blur

Enigma-styled song made with JX-305 + vocals and a little bit of guitar on the background. Quite nice sounds and feeling, very long track 6:12.

Acoustic 16

An acoustic tune made with two electric guitars using clean sound.


Simple as that :) I wanted to try to record my acoustic guitar and made a song around it, don't pay too much attention to the lyrics :)

Dusk (Full mix)

A song made with RM1X sequence remixer, techno styled.

Melody guitar

A song where guitar plays the the main part. Also trying out my custom-build drumkit in my SPD-20.

A happy tune

I wanted to do a song with happy melody, did I succeed?

Lähdet pois

I song with Finnish vocals made for a one special person who went to Germany as an exchange student.

Like a dream

A song about something like a dream.


SuperMario with different sounds? The melody is played by using the SPD-20 drumpad's melodic percussion sounds. This in kind of funny :)


Another song made with RM1X and it is techo styled aswell.


A song about a person taking a freefall. This is also a core of one Kelkka's new song.


Aren't some peoples feelings like a rollercoaster? If you know what I mean.


A song called Sandy.


The name actually describes the song pretty well.

Slow Motion

Slow motion with RM1X.

Thinking of ways

Thinking of ways - to turn yourself away. Very different to the other songs. A weird experiment.

Join me with Casio (Finnish version of HIM: Join me in Death)

A quick funny copy of HIM:s Join me in death but with Finnish lyrics and Casio sounds. This has been downloaded over 500 times! Guest starring Pekka Vuorela on keyboards.