Arctic Sound Studio


The information below is about my former studio. I'm in progress of building new spaces for music creation.. might take a while :)

The Arctic Sound studio is easily reachable with only a 6-7 minutes drive on a Helsinki motorway from Tampere to Sääksjärvi. The studio offers a separate playing room and a control room. There is a broad range of different musical equipment also available. You can see the full list by following a link from the sidebar.

Arctic Sound studioArctic Sound studio

The playing room is around 25 square meters and the acoustic treatment of the room is made versatile. Acoustic plates are covering the room, the back wall is dampened with a 50cm layer of hard wool to kill the unwanted bass frequencies, and there is a possibility to hang up to 60 diffusers to cover the wall and adjust the amount of echo in the room. The control room provides calm and quiet monitoring due to the 30db sound proof doors in both of the rooms and a corridor in between.

The studio features high quality instruments (drums, guitars, keyboards etc.) that can be used for recording. The monitoring is done with Genelec speakers. The space and equipment suite well for excellent demo or even album quality recordings.

As an extra, there is also a possibility for session musicians and songs to be composed on demand. The studio equipment is also fully portable and can be taken to any place or venue for recording. For more details, please contact me via email: